Street Fighter V Celebrates 30 Years of Toasty Fireballs With Retro Stage and Costumes

By David Meikleham on at

To celebrate three decades of dudes setting each other's flesh aflame with Hadoukens, Capcom is releasing a retro stage and three old school outfits for Street Fighter V on July 25.

Unleash fighting fireballs like it was 1991 on Ryu's classic temple roof stage (Capcom hasn't revealed the price of the level yet), then kit out Alex, Ibuki and Juri in vintage clobber inspired by Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III (each costume costs £3.49). 

On the same day, the publisher is also launching another new stage and a further set of outfits; this time inspired by the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour. Guile, Ryu and Ken all get fresh clobber, which will cost a pretty steep £5.25 per costume. Meanwhile, the new Kanzuki Family Stadium will set you back £8.75. Alternatively, you can buy Street Fighter V's premier pass, where you'll get all the Capcom Pro Tour content above, as well as special colour theme options for every one of the game's 28 combatants.

Here's the shiny new stage and Guile rocking his CPT-inspired gear: