Stab Gigantic Skeleton Beasties in the Head When Gorgeous Indie Sundered Launches July 28

By David Meikleham on at

Now this is how you make a delightfully dark spin on Metroid. The super sinister-looking Sundered finally has a release date: it'll hit PS4 and Steam on July 25.

Here's the launch trailer:

Lord, how sumptuous is that art style? I mean, I feel like my soul has been slightly infected — there's some decidedly dark imagery in there —  but my eye sockets feel thoroughly nourished all the same.

Playing as Eshe, you must brave a world of creepy caverns stuffed full of horrible beasties and absurdly sized bosses. Beating up colossal nasties is obviously in demand right now, because Sundered absolutely smashed its initial CA $25,000 on Kickstarter, eventually receiving $202,102 (£192,094) at time of writing from some 4,681 backers.

To show its appreciation, developer Thunder Lotus Games is giving its last title, Jotun, away for free on Steam and GOG until 16:00 GMT tomorrow.