Marvel's Newly Announced Oculus Rift Game Will Let You Kick VR Ass With Hulk and Chums

By David Meikleham on at

If you're the kind of filthy rich gamer who owns both an Oculus Rift headset and a pair of Oculus Touch controllers, then does Marvel ever have some smashing news for you. Say hello to Marvel Powers United VR: a co-op adventure where players team up as the likes of Hulk, Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon to whoop reality-altering ass.

Marvel just announced the game at this weekend's Disney D23 info. Why not direct your eyeballs towards the debut trailer:

As it's being developed by Oculus and Sanzaru games, Marvel Powers United VR will only be showing up on Rift, not competing devices like HTC Vive or PlayStation VR.

The co-op aspect is certainly interesting. Star Trek Bridge Crew showed VR experiences can provide rollicking multiplayer thrills, though we expect Powers United take on cooperative camaraderie will be built around beating the tar out of alien beasties, not exacting starship steering.

Oculus and Sanzaru are currently working towards a 2018 release, while more playable heroes will be announced at next week's San Diego Comic-Con.