Play Games, Drink Beer, Dance Majestically with Kotaku UK in London

By Matt Wales on at

Another month, another chance to throw off your business skirt, unbuckle your boardroom belt, and get down on the dance floor for some video-game-themed a-drinking and a-socialising at the Kotaku UK Game Night. Next Wednesday July 19th, we'll be shimmying shirtless* at The Book Club in Shoreditch from 7.30pm, with the help of the fine folk at Gamerdisco.

This month, we'll be celebrating SPORT, with an evening of Wimbledon-themed fun. Don't panic though; we won't be sending small children after you with bags of strawberries and accusatory looks: we'll just have GameCube classic Mario Power Tennis out for a spot of competitive on-court action if you're up for the challenge.

Elsewhere, and slightly less sporty, there's a chance to indulge in some spirited NES admiration, with a selection of mostly two-player classics, rarities, and obscurities (not all of them old!), including Mr Gimmick, Joy Mech Fight, New Ghostbusters 2, Fire'n Ice, Jackal, Tengen Ms Pac Man, Tengen Tetris, Crisis Force, Micro Machines, Blades of Steel, Marble Madness, Mr Splash, Contra, Battletoads, Panic Restaurant, Castlevania III, Batman, Super Mario Bros 3 battle mode, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, and the brilliantly named Zooming Secretary.

There are also a couple of PS1s knocking around, ready to tempt you with their old-school gaming wares—but if you don't want to hoist a controller, you're free to simply talk and dance and drink the night away. There will be music.

If any of this takes your fancy (and you're over 18), you can find more details over on Gamerdisco's Facebook page.

*We won't.