Despair as Darkest Dungeon's New Expansion Gets a Gloomy Launch Trailer

By Matt Wales on at

Darkest Dungeon, Red Hook Studio's hope-sapping, turn-based Lovecraft-'em-up, is getting a gloomy new expansion in the form of The Crimson Court. It's due to unfurl its miserable talons on PC today (for a mere £6.99), and will creep despondently onto PS4 in the coming weeks.

The Crimson Court promises to pile yet more punishment onto foolhardy adventurers with a new hero class (“Awash in blood and delusion, they bear the burden of a thousand lifetimes”), a new wandering boss known as the Fanatic, and a new dungeon region, The Courtyard.

The Crimson Court's unspeakable delights don't end there, however. The expansion also adds four unique bosses, larger maps that introduce features like locked doors, prisoner rooms and progress saves, new prestige buildings (known as Districts) which provide permanent estate-wide bonuses, and lore-driven trinket sets.

To celebrate this expanded revelry of misery and despair, Red Hook has unleashed a new trailer into the shadowy depths, and you can cast your eyes upon its madness-inflicting visage above.