1977 Wants its News Back: Atari is Making a New Console

By Matt Wales on at

The internet (or at least, the part of the internet that wasn't permanently glued to E3) was somewhat bamboozled last week when a mysterious new teaser video appeared online for something called the Ataribox. A few observers dismissed the video as a hoax, but Atari has now confirmed that it does indeed have a new console in the works.

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais told VentureBeat that, “We’re back in the hardware business", revealing that the new machine will be based on PC technology, and that its design is still being finalised. That's your lot as far as details go right now, though.

Atari—or rather the entity that bought the Atari name after the original company went bankrupt in 2013—has, of course, been pretty active in recent times. It's been licensing its various franchises (to bring us the likes of the slightly wonky Rollercoaster Tycoon World, and the missing-in-action Asteroids movie), revitalising its Swordquest comic series, threatening Jeff Minter with legal action, and being sued by Planet Coaster developer Frontier for £1.8 million.

Still, a brand-new Atari console is quite the unexpected turn, and it's not entirely clear what form it might take. However, given the sleek wooden looks of the machine teased in the video (a throwback to the original Atari 2600), and the barnstorming success of Nintendo's NES Classic Mini last year, odds are on it being a similarly-styled retro console.

And if that's the case, it likely won't be long until you can fully relive the age when video game adverts looked like this: