Oxygen Not Included Now on Sale on Steam Early Access

By Julian Benson on at

Klei Entertainment's space colony management simulator is now out of alpha and into Steam Early Access, where it will swell with features like a ripening fruit, before splatting to the ground when it's ready to release.

I've been playing tonnes of Oxygen Not Included through the alpha, far more than I meant to. It's one of those games you sit down to and get up to find night has turned to day and your legs have gone numb.

The crux of the game is that as your colony expands, while some things become easier thanks to a high population and better equipment, most things become harder. With more people in your colony, you need more oxygen, clean water, and food. Your people also produce more waste, carbon dioxide, and with that comes stress.

All my colonies have got to about 20 people before collapsing dramatically with everyone suffocating, drowning, becoming ill or starving.

The move to Early Access also sees the release of the latest batch of new features, largely focused on creating food. Before your options were limited to two different sorts of protein bar, now you can farm a variety of food and spices, the better of which can become sustaining, stress-relieving meals. The worst of them give your people diarrhoea.