Japanese Stock Photos That Are Strange On Purpose 

By Brian Ashcraft on at

That’s the point! Welcome to the world of Sukima Nurse, a stock photo site for those with very specific stock photo needs.

Most stock photos seem varying degrees of goofy. But, as IT Media notes, this site is dedicated to the “one percent of maniac demands.”

Sukima Nurse is an offshoot of Nurse-Web.jp, a recruiting site for nursing. So, Sukima Nurse seems to be a way to drum up interest in that.

Here are some of the stock photos. The site states that they cannot be used for adult or illegal deeds as well as things that goes against public morals. Noted!

Pizza, anyone?

A serious medical procedure.

Surely, you’ve done this before with rubber gloves, no?

Time to eat!

This one is pretty cool!

Making saved ice on a man’s head.

Drinking flower nectar with a straw.

Jumping after turning to see a cucumber.