Drawn to Death is Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

By Julian Benson on at

David Jaffe's Drawn to Death, a class-based shooter with a biro drawing art style, is going to be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers through April from when it launches on April 4th.

Games like Mercenary Kings and Rocket League also kicked off their lives on Sony's console with a free month and that set them up for success. It should be a particular boon for a multiplayer shooter like Drawn to Death that lives and dies on players fillings its servers.

Besides announcing the release date and PS Plus news, Jaffe released a video looking behind the scenes of the game's development:

In a blog post over on the Sony blog, he also detailed some new features of the game. Sphinx missions, for instance, are things you can complete in-game to unlock new weapons and levels.

It's not exactly clear how it works but, according to Jaffe: "Wake the mysterious Sphinx and see if you can solve her 8 battle-focused riddles. For every riddle solved, a new weapon – or a new level – will be rewarded!"

He also revealed that each of the game's six launch characters will have 15 missions to complete to unlock gear.

Drawn to Death has been a long time in development so it will be good to finally see how its turned out.