Hey There, Blimpy Boy, Mass Transit is Coming to Cities: Skylines

By Julian Benson on at

Colossal Order, the maker of Cities: Skylines, has revealed that its next expansion for the city builder will bring new mass transit systems to the game. Including the beautiful, graceful airbag that is a blimp:

Along with blimps you'll be able to build monorails, cable cars, ferries and hubs where your citizens can congregate to board these new means of transport.

There are other new features coming in the expansion, too:

  • Sick Transit, Glorious Money: Add a wealth of new transit options to your city, and add wealth to your city’s income! Let your citizens get across town in ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails!
  • Orderly Hub, Bub: New mass transit hubs can bring all of your services together, letting citizens change rail lines in one building, or hop from the bus onto the ferry, or even find their way through a sprawling monorail-train-metro station.
  • Become a Roads Scholar: Explore a set of new challenge scenarios focused on solving traffic problems and adding new transit systems.  New road types, bridges and canals adds  variety to your city, and new ways to solve its challenges.  Become an expert in traffic flow, and then use that knowledge to improve your city!
  • New Hats for Chirper: NEW. HATS. FOR CHIRPER.  (and also new unique buildings, policies and achievements. But HATS!)

Now, like Kotaku UK's production editor, you might think that I should call blimps 'zeppelins' because the terms are interchangeable and blimp is the American word for an airship. But you'd be wrong. Allow me to explain why in a paragraph that he'll have to proof-read, thus cementing my right-thinking. The words blimp and zeppelin aren't interchangeable, both of them are lighter than air airships but the key difference is that a zeppelin maintains its shape thanks to a rigid metal frame inside the balloon. A blimp, on the other hand, gets its shape simply from the pressure of the gasses.

So, the Hindenburg was a zeppelin:


The British Army airship Beta was a blimp:


And, as to the word's origins, an article in the New York Times on the etymology of the word claims that 'blimp' was the British word for the airship.

You might think that all this is getting too granular for a news post that's meant to be about an expansion to Cities: Skylines. That may be true, but by laying the ground work it means I can correctly link to this clip from The Simpsons:

What could I link to if it was Zeppelin?