US Post Office Admits it Lost Collection of Rare SNES Games Worth £8,000, Saga Continues

By Matt Wales on at

Earlier this week, news broke that the SNES Preservation Project, an ambitious attempt to archive every Super Nintendo game in existence, ground to an unceremonious halt after £8,000 worth of PAL cartridges were lost in transit between Germany and the US.

The cartridges, sent by an anonymous European SNES collector, contained 100 games and was on its way to Byuu, the mastermind behind the preservation project, and the creator of the well-respected Higan SNES emulator. The plan was to create digital copies of each supplied game before returning them to the sender - until, of course, the package disappeared.

missing snes games

There's been a development, however; after much back and forth, the United States Postal Service has finally acknowledged that it's lost the package, providing Byuu with the parcel's label (no longer attached to the original package) as confirmation. USPS claims the label was separated from the parcel as a result of "damage by normal machine processing at our facility".

Byuu is currently in the process of escalating the issue with USPS in the hope that the missing package can still be located. There's even talk of him hiring a lawyer. However, if those avenues prove futile, Byuu hopes to reimburse the collector and has set up a Patreon page to secure donations. For more information on the whole sorry saga, there is also a FAQ to peruse.