Leak Confirms Switch eShop Purchases Tied to Your Nintendo Account, not Console 

By Matt Wales on at

Nintendo has been frustratingly reluctant to discuss the finer details of its upcoming Switch console (despite its launch in two weeks) and, as a result, it's mostly been left to unofficial sources to fill in the blanks.

Now, one such source appears to have confirmed something that Nintendo hazily alluded to at the start of the year: that eShop purchases made on Switch will finally be tied to your Nintendo Account, not an individual console. That information (spotted in a video by FloKO and snapped by Twitter user Wario64) is displayed when attempting to restore your Switch to its factory settings.

Nintendo Switch

If the news is indeed true (which, let's be honest, seems likely), it means that Nintendo fans will no longer be forced into a ridiculous dance of dual-console data transfers every time they want to replace, repair or upgrade their systems. It also means that retrieving purchases from lost or stolen consoles no longer requires a long-winded encounter with Nintendo Support.

Sadly, this does mean we may never again witness the toils of our tiny Pikmin friends as they selflessly patrol the innards of our console.