A Glimpse of FIFA on the Switch

By Julian Benson on at

While FIFA for the Nintendo Switch was announced back during the console livestream in January, it's not been on show until now. The football game gets a brief showing in a 30 second Japanese advert for the console:

As you can see it features the requisite numbers of footballs (one) and men (many) for an above the board, by-the book, legal game of the ol' kickabout. Fans will be happy.

Nintendo is keen to show off the versatility the console, with its snap off controllers, tablet mode, and docked mode featuring in all its adverts. It will be good to see exactly how many of those features can be used for FIFA. For instance, can I play shared screen multiplayer in tablet mode with each player holding half of a Joy-Con? That would be a great little set up to swing my flatmates on the console.