For Honor Closed Beta Running January 26th - 29th

By Julian Benson on at

Ubisoft is running a closed beta of its medieval sword fighting'em up For Honor from January 26th - 29th.

I played a little of For Honor at a PS4 Pro event last year and was really taken by the simple system to create more involved melee combat. When you're in your swordfighting stance, you can use the thumbstick to change your angle of attack. There are only three so as not to be overwhelming. If you and another player have both picked the same angle of attack, they will automatically block your attacks. If you swing and it's different, then you will hit them for damage. It's a simple system but means you pay so much more attention to what your opponent is doing.

Running through the beta event there will also be a competition to see which faction is the greatest of them all: the Vikings, the Samurai, or the Knights. While it's obviously the Vikings, Ubisoft will be tracking which faction performs best over the beta and will reward those players's accounts in the final game when it releases on February 14th.

You can sign up for the beta over yonder.