Microsoft is Deleting Scalebound Videos From its Youtube

By Julian Benson on at

Yesterday brought the news that Microsoft has cancelled Scalebound, an Xbox One exclusive that has been in development at Platinum Games for the past four years. As well as cancelling the game, Eurogamer spotted that Microsoft is now also deleting videos of the game from its Youtube account, in a strange bid to wipe the game from its history.

Tweets from Microsoft representatives like director of programming Larry Hyrb that link to Scalebound videos are now met with dead links:

While it may be that Microsoft is trying to erase Scalebound from its history and salt the earth so no memory of it can grow, that's not very likely.

For precedent, when Microsoft closed Lionhead last year and cancelled Fable Legends it didn't go through its Youtube videos tearing out any reference to Lionhead projects, It's more likely that this is the result of a licensing issue: Platinum Games is an independent studio that was contracted to work for Microsoft. Now that contract has ended without completion it may be Microsoft loses the rights to host the videos of Platinum's game. That is only speculation, though.