Photo of Mario on Toilet Causes Big Stink

By Julian Benson on at

McDonald's and Nintendo have teamed up for a new line of Happy Meal toys and, while most are lovely little toys, the Mario one is causing a bit of a stink. For those with a scatologically-inclined mind (hello internet), it certainly does look like Mario is taking a dump:

NintendoLife and its readership seem to have been the first to notice that posing a sitting Mario on a brown throne evokes only the idea of a brick shithouse, but they're sure to be far from the only ones wrinkling their noses.

I don't know what it is about Mario and McDonald's but, when the two get together, filth tends to squelch into existence.  We only have to look back to 2015 to that time when a man claimed the Mario boomerang toy looked like it was wanking. (Although, he later claimed he was the victim of a prank.)

Considering the stain that left on McDonald's reputation sheet, you'd think the designers of this latest toy would have made extra sure their work couldn't be misconstrued. But when you gotta go, I guess, you-a gotta go!