Square Enix's Twitter Was Hacked This Morning

By Julian Benson on at

Square Enix Europe's Twitter account was hacked this morning and began tweeting messages that weren't entirely up to corporate standard:

square enix hack

Within minutes Square Enix had taken back control and deleted the tweets. But like a bad rash, the hacker then returned to tweet further:

square enix hack 3

Shortly after that, the hacker showed it could also tweet from the Just Cause account, too:

square enix hack 4

While on the surface this isn't too bad a hack, it's just some teenagers shouting their own name and being homophobic and racist, the real damage is going on behind the scenes. It looks like whoever is now in control of the hack is unfollowing and blocking people:

That's got to be devastating to the community team who have worked hard to build up that following.

Will Electronic Arts ever recover from these devastating blows? I'll update the post if they do anything more than tweet rubbish and hashtag their own name.