Google's AI has Been Secretly Thrashing Go Players Online

By Julian Benson on at

Google's AI, AlphaGo, spent the last week playing some of the best Go players in the world in online games. It won 60, tied one, and lost none. Google hid its AlphaGo AI behind an alias, 'Master', so no one would suspect they were playing an AI. After a week of wins, though, Demis Hassabis, Google Deepmind's founder admitted that Master was AlphaGo, saying in a Tweet:

Master first appeared on Tygen, an online gaming platform used by some of the world's best Go players, on December 29th. AlphaGo then proceeded to play, and beat, players like no. 3 ranked Park Jung-hwan and Iyama Yuta, who is ranked no. 5. In a single week AlphaGo picked up its 60 wins.

Shortly after Master appeared and started its win streak people began to speculate that the player was Google's AI. However, with Hassabis's confirmation, Go players around the world can sit back safe in the knowledge that the machines have come to take their game from them.