Dara O'Briain's Go 8 Bit has Been Commissioned For Two More Series

By Julian Benson on at

Dave (the television channel, not some random person) has commissioned two more series of Go 8 Bit, the programme game show all about video games. Headed up by Dara O'Briain and Ellie Gibson, each episode had celebrities competing in mini challenges across five different games, including things like Tetris, Tekken, and Chuckie Egg.

I went searching for a clip of the programme and the first thing I found was a little strange:

Someone had created a video of the episode with Rachel Riley as a guest by editing together every frame that she's on screen. Stranger was that when you click through to the YouTube channel of the uploader, LadiesOffTheTelly, you're met with a wall of videos of Rachel Riley, all made in the same way:

rachel reilly 1

The videos go on:

rachel reilly 2

And on:

rachel reilly 3

The videos date back three years to this 50 second edit:

The video's description is simple: "Now, these are rare camera angles."

I've seen creepy things on the internet but this may be the new pinnacle.