Resident Evil 7 Demo Update Lets Players Finally Solve The Finger Mystery

By Patricia Hernandez on at

The Resident Evil 7 demo got one final update over the weekend, bringing with it a solution to a riddle that has been driving players crazy for the last six months. We finally know what we’re supposed to do with that finger item that the horror demo lets you pick up. (SPOILERS.)

Reddit user BruhTheShark has written a 34 step guide on how to solve the puzzle—the whole thing is kind of obscure and esoteric, requiring you to pick up certain things in a particular order. Just like P.T., you even have to trigger giggles before you can advance further, and there are a few instances of having to point the finger at certain items to trigger an in-game change. It’s bonkers. I have no idea how anybody solved this thing.

You can watch a full playthrough, courtesy of Shirrako, below:

So then, what’s the solution to the whole mess? After you go through a bunch of different steps throughout the house, the final thing you have to do is point the finger at the pot in the kitchen. The screen should blur, and you’ll hear a very disgusting sound:

From there you can go upstairs, through the attic, and there should be a very bloody door waiting for you. You can now open it.

Inside, there will be a rocking chair with a patronising message:

More importantly, there will be a coin stuck to the top of it. You can pick it up:

Then you can go outside, up the ladder, and use the attic window key to escape that hellhole of a house. Congratulations! You beat the Resident Evil 7 demo.

What’s the point of going through all of this, aside from the satisfaction of doing something very convoluted? Well, you will be able to transfer the dirty coin item to the main game:

No word yet on what, exactly, this dirty coin will actually do in Resident Evil 7, but it better be good after all of this!

You can download the Resident Evil 7 for free on the PS4.