The Hideo Kojima Shower Scene You didn't Know You Wanted

By Julian Benson on at

Some wonderful, wonderful person has data mined P.T. and discovered that they can take its assets and stick them straight into Metal Gear Solid 5. To cut a long story short, this means there is now a video of Hideo Kojima dancing seductively in the shower for Norman Reedus:

giphy (1)

The full video is even better, in a hilariously disturbing kind of way:

Expect to see Norman Reedus popping up everywhere in Metal Gear Solid 5, he's already replaced Big Boss:


You can see that whole scene played out here:

You can read more about how the crack was done over on the Facepunch forums. I wonder what this means for other PS4 games being datamined, has this crack thrown open other games or just games made in the FOXEngine.