25 Pokemon You Totally Forgot Existed

By Kotaku on at

By Ben Griffin

With many hundreds now registered in the Pokédex, there’s bound to be a few Pokémon that have escaped your brain. Why? Maybe they haven’t been pushed enough. Maybe there isn’t enough space in culture’s collective memory for them all to be bankable icons like Pikachu or Popplio (come at me I’ll fight you). Or maybe their design just didn’t strike a chord.

What’s strange is there doesn’t seem to be a common theme among these great unwashed: some are colourful and complicated, others basic. Some are powerful, others struggle to wake up in the morning. Farfetch’d, for instance, doesn’t necessarily suck. Come on, it’s badass duck wielding a vegetable. It’s just overshadowed.

You might vaguely recall the Pokémon below, or they may be completely new to you, even if you’ve played every Pokémon game to date. In any case this one goes out to the overlooked Pokemon: the unfairly maligned or just not cute enough Pokemon. A tribute to the forgotten pocket monsters.


Name: Farfetch’d (#110)
First appearance: Pokémon Red and Blue
The original 151 are iconic. Apart from, that is, this peculiar monobrowed duck. Its wings are prehensile enough to hold a weapon, yet for some reason it opts for a leek. Both food source and nesting material, Farfetch’d can’t live with its roughage and will defend it with its life. A feathered enigma.


Name: Igglybuff (#174)
First appearance: Pokémon Gold and Silver
Igglybuff is a baby Jigglypuff, a Pokémon which was cute enough to not need a baby form. How could you further condense the essential simplicity of Jigglypuff, which is a pink orb with eyes? Rather feebly, Igglybuff cannot sing due to undeveloped vocal chords, the soreness of which it alleviates by gargling water from nearby streams.


Name: Politoed (#186)
First appearance: Pokémon Gold and Silver
Everyone forgets Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed when it holds a Kings Rock while levelling up, mainly because compared to the fight-ready Poliwrath, it looks like it’s surrendering. But don’t be fooled by those raised arms: Politoed has dominion over its Poli-bros, summoning them with throaty cries. The curlier its hair, the more respected the Politoed.


Name: Pineco (#204)
First appearance: Pokémon Gold and Silver
Everyone talks about the Pokémon series’ penchant for haunting inanimate objects, but what about the equally common practice of sticking eyes on them? Pineco is a pine cone that hangs immobile from branches and waits for passing insects to gulp. You’d only notice it if you shook its tree, at which point it drops to the ground and explodes.


Name: Smoochum (#238)
First appearance: Pokémon Gold and Silver
This premature Jynx is basically a toddler in a wig that goes around kissing things. Its lips are the most sensitive part of its body and it uses them to examine objects like the worst snake of all time. Also it falls over often and always checks its reflection in mirrors and - actually, we’ve heard enough.


Name: Ludicolo (#272)
First appearance: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
The last in a freaky line of vaguely Mexican frogs with sombreros made out of lilypads, Ludicolo will start dancing under two conditions: 1) when it hears festival music and 2) when it hears singing children on hikes. How could you not love this little guy?


Name: Swalot (#317)
First appearance: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
The so-called ‘Poison Bag Pokémon’ can digest anything in the world - possibly even chewing gum. Gulpin covers its prey, sweats acid from follicles, and ingests it whole. Maybe a bit too gross for mainstream appeal.


Name: Grumpig (#326)
First appearance: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
There are better pigs in Pokémon than this oinker. Look at that grin. Grumpig is grinning because it can psychically manipulate you using the power of dance. Get yourself a Tepig, Slaking, or Manky instead.


Name: Cradily (#346)
First appearance: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
Deadlier than the failed balloon animal it resembles, Cradily is actually an ancient Pokémon revived from a fossil through the wonder of science. It anchors itself to the floor and juts out its extendable neck to snag passing food with its tentacles, then melts them using digestive acid. On second thoughts, you can kinda see why people don't like this thing.


Name: Huntail (#367)
First appearance: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
There’s a reason Huntail’s presence has gone unnoticed. It lives at extreme depths, with a spine strong enough to withstand crushing pressures and eyes able to see through pitch black darkness.


Name: Luvdisc (#370)
First appearance: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
Voted the world’s worst Pokémon by a 2014 survey completed by 500,000 voters on the website Dorkly, Luvdisc looks like a fish peering through a keyhole. Where’s the rest of it? To be fair, it’s known to form groups and turn the sea a romantic shade of pink - saucy. Also, when two Luvdisc kiss, they can temporarily fly. Ahh.


Name: Kricketune (#402)
First appearance: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
No idea why this one didn’t take off. Just say its name. Kricketune. Kricketune. Onomatopoeia is fun. Maybe it’s the massive circus ringleader moustache? Weird on the males, even weirder on the females.


Name: Wormadam (#413)
First appearance: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Wormadam can don three different cloaks: Sandy Cloak, Plant Cloak, and Trash Cloak. Unlike other Pokémon with different forms Wormadam can’t switch between them, so it’s luck of the draw which one you’ll get. Which is a little annoying when you’re stuck with a cloak made from trash.


Name: Cherrim (#421)
First appearance: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Another multi-form Pokémon, this flowery chap/chapette looks unassuming in its overcast form, hiding away under a purple petal. When the sun shines, though, it opens up to absorb the rays with its dinky, smiling face. It is a little heartbreaking that Cherrim has been so comprehensively rejected by the world.


Name: Tangrowth (#465)
First appearance: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Like its first generation brethren Tangela, Tangrowth is constantly losing and regrowing its limbs, but this 6 foot 7 inch bundle of vines doesn’t take the Tangela concept in any meaningful new direction. Sticking some eyes on a carrot is one thing but just copying your own design badly? Pathetic, Game Freak. Pathetic!

600px-479Rotom-Mow 2

Name: Rotom (#479)
First appearance: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Now, most people know Rotom, the cheery plasma spark who can inhabit household appliances. But have you seen his range? Able to possess microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, and even a Pokédex in Sun and Moon, he’s got more forms than any other Pokémon. It's a pity they're clearly all based on whatever household appliance was near a particularly bored designer trying to think up new Pokemon.


Name: Unfezant (#521)
First appearance: Pokémon Black and White
This gamebird is just a bit basic. Ho hum, males threaten each other by shaking the fleshy ribbons on their heads. Yawn snooze, females are said to have superior flying abilities. Incredibly boring.


Name: Leavanny (#542)
First appearance: Pokémon Black and White
With Pokémon’s abundance of leafy green humanoids (Syther, Bellossom, Roserade, Whimsicott, etc.), something had to give. That’s a shame because this praying mantis is adorable, spinning silk to weave tiny clothes for other Pokémon. You deserved better love.


Name: Maractus (#556)
First appearance: Pokémon Black and White
Not awful, just unoriginal. We already have cactus Pokémon in generation III’s Cacnea and its evolution Cacturne. Sure, Maractus has a gimmick - it produces an up-tempo maraca-like sound to scare off birds looking to feast on its tasty seeds - but this was one cactus Pokémon too far.


Name: Aromatisse (#683)
First appearance: Pokémon X and Y
Aromatisse expels different scents depending on what it thinks of you. If it likes you? A pleasant fragrance, probably nice cheese or something. If it doesn’t? A powerful stink, like horrible cheese or something. The beak-like protrusion probably acts like a plague doctor’s mask by preventing Aromatisse smelling its own stench. Disgusting.


Name: Slurpuff (#685)
First appearance: Pokémon X and Y
This walking cupcake really doesn’t want to piss off an Aromatisse. See, it has an incredible sense of smell said to be 100 million times that of a human. Apparently Slurpuff helps pastry chefs prepare incredible dishes. Word of advice: stick to the baking mate.


Name: Barbaracle (#689)
First appearance: Pokémon X and Y
Here’s what happens when two Binacle fuse together and multiply into seven: a rubbish Pokémon! An unnatural union connected by two chunks of concrete, each limb acts independently. They usually follow the head’s orders, usually, but who can blame them for occasionally giving up on life.


Name: Trevenant (#709)
First appearance: Pokémon X and Y
Ghost Pokémon are always pretty horrific. This haunted stump skitters about on spider-like roots which it uses to possess other trees and trap Pokémon in forests. I mean, that's just nasty. This chimes with its Forest’s Curse ability which forces other Pokémon to become grass types. No wonder everyone hates it.


Name: Gourgeist (#771)
First appearance: Pokémon X and Y
A haunted gourd with an emo fringe. It’s smiling, sure, but that’s because Gourgeist is said to delight in suffering - like snagging creatures in its appendages. Much like drunken students, on moonless nights it wanders through streets singing an eerie tune that curses listeners - so annoying if you have work tomorrow.


Name: Hoopa Unbound (#720)
First appearance: Pokémon X and Y
One of the least Pokémon-like Pokémon, man-faced Hoopa Unbound evolves - or more accurately emerges - from the fairly cute Hoopa being left in a PC for three days. As Gremlins and water, you really don’t want to do that, because Hoopa can travel through its rings into other dimensions and wreck havoc. No wonder, really, that we all prefer Pikachu.