The Internet Reacts to Rockstar's Red Dead Almost-Announcement

By Keza MacDonald on at

For the last couple of days, people have been losing their minds over a logo and an image that suggest Rockstar is finally gearing up to announce Red Dead Redemption 2. (Or whatever the next Red Dead game will be called. It will definitely not be any of these stupid names.) As we all board the hype train with varying degrees of grudgingness, let's take a moment to appreciate the Twitter jokes. They have not disappointed.

I mean, before we get ahead of ourselves, there's always a chance it's not Red Dead.

Admittedly this morning's second teaser does make it rather difficult to misinterpret, but that needn't derail Mark Brown's dreams.

Rockstar is known for packing as many film references into its work as it possibly can, but aside from the obvious Magnificent Seven allusion, some have spotted other pop culture references in the teaser image.

Suggested names have been doing the rounds.

This, clearly, is the prime candidate:

This, meanwhile, is by far the most exciting crossover opportunity:


Look, I'm quite excited about this. Let's enjoy it while we can, before we all succumb to the inevitable social media hype trajectory.