Shigeru Miyamoto Announces Mario Mobile Game at Apple Keynote

By Keza MacDonald on at

Shigeru Miyamoto just made a surprise appearance at Apple's keynote to announce Super Mario Run, a brand new iOS game. Starring Mario. From Nintendo.

Mario runs automatically to the right across a New Super Mario Bros-style level. You tap the screen to jump, with longer taps yielding longer jumps. Power-ups and coins are, naturally, present and correct - but this is a Mario you can play with one hand on the tube.

There's also a battle mode called Toad Rally, where you compete against pals or people from around the world to beat high scores. It's an endless mode, in which you can also gather Toads to occupy your Mushroom Kingdom - a personal realm that you can customise with coins.

Rather than releasing a free-to-play game, Nintendo has decided that Super Mario Run will be a one-off purchase, out before the end of the year.

It's fair to say this is something of a surprise. It'll come to iOS first, but from that phrasing, it's fair to assume that an Android version will follow [UPDATE: Nintendo has now confirmed this]. Here's the full reveal: