YouGov's Personality Profile of Pokémon Go's 5 Million UK Players is Not Exactly Flattering

By Keza MacDonald on at

Here are some huge numbers for you: Pokémon Go has 5.3 million active players in the UK, has been downloaded 6.1 million times in total, and has over a million paying players here.

The numbers come via a massive YouGov study, which interviewed 25,000 people about something other than what they think of Jeremy Corbyn for a change.

More amusing than the numbers, though is the personality and interest profiling of Pokémon Go players. Says YouGov:

The data shows they are more likely to favour newness when it comes to music or fashion and also veer towards vanity – liking to stand out and thinking it is important to look good. However, they are more likely to be unmotivated. While they are highly educated, on the whole they are more likely than the rest of the population to be unambitious, easily distracted, and classify themselves as under achievers.

Oh. Well, TBH that just sounds like "people under 30" to me, but the study also takes care to point out that although 66% of players are 18-34, the rest of them are older. (Apparently it doesn't account for kids under 18.)

YouGov approaches Pokémon Go as a business phenomenon, pointing out the opportunities for other brands that may be eyeing up their own alternate-reality apps or collaborations. It ran parallel research in the US, coming up with a figure of 34.3 million players there.