The Fan-Made Metroid 2 Remake is No Longer Available

By Keza MacDonald on at

Over the weekend, a near-finished build of a long-awaited fan remake of 1991's Metroid II: The Return Of Samus was released for free on PC. Project AMR2, as it had been known for the six years of its development, updated every imaginable facet of the Game Boy original whilst adding new areas, mini-bosses and high-quality sound.

Many people were expecting Nintendo to take exception to this development, and within a couple of days, the inevitable happened. Cease and desist notices were issued to Metroid Database, where Project AMR2 was available for download, and the build was also removed from the Project AMR2 website.

Nintendo confirmed that the cease-and-desist letter was legitimate in a statement:

Nintendo’s broad library of characters, products, and brands are enjoyed by people around the world, and we appreciate the passion of our fans. But just as Nintendo respects the intellectual property rights of others, we must also protect our own characters, trademarks and other content. The unapproved use of Nintendo’s intellectual property can weaken our ability to protect and preserve it, or to possibly use it for new projects.

Project AMR2 can still be sourced from torrents, if you're desperate to play it.