Gamescom Ups Security in Response to Recent Terror Attacks

By Keza MacDonald on at

In response to terror incidents and attacks across Europe throughout 2016 so far, the organisers of Gamescom – the biggest gaming event on the continent – are upping security this year as a precaution.

The new measures apply to exhibitors, press and paying attendees, says an email update sent to Gamescom ticket-holders in the past week. "Ensuring safety for all participants is an important consideration in these times," reads the email (translation my own). "Our goal is to address this by passing security measures, whilst restricting the event as little as possible."

Absolutely no bags or rucksacks will be allowed on the premises without being checked, and attendees are encouraged to leave "all items that are not essential to your Gamescom attendance" at home to keep security check queues to a minimum. Every entrance will have new security checkpoints in place, including pocket checks. Attendees are encouraged to allow extra time and be supportive of these measures by bringing as little as possible with them to the event.

Imitation weapons of any kind are not allowed at all.

Naturally this has big implications for cosplayers; those with elaborate costumes especially. If you're planning to attend Gamescom next week, best travel light. You can find details on the new security measures in English on Gamescom's website.