There's an Elite Dangerous Rock Opera Playing This Year's Edinburgh Fringe

By Julian Benson on at

The Edinburgh Fringe is home to some strange shows. I once saw a bare-chested man holding a dartboard willing the audience to pelt him with darts (they did and, no, not all of them hit the board. I think he was okay, though), so a rock opera set in Elite Dangerous fits right in.

Mercy & The Wild Sea is just that, a prog-rock musical set in Elite Dangerous. It's part live show, part concept album, part film. You can see from the trailer Eurogamer dug up how the creators have been using in-game footage and green-screen to flesh out what you'll be seeing on stage:

And here's some of the music:

The show isn't playing the full month of the Fringe, so if you want to see Mercy & The Wild Sea performed live, you'll need to be up in Edinburgh between August 6th - 13th. You can find more details on the show's site (the Fringe ticket booking site seems to be down at the moment).

Of course, this isn't the first time that Elite's been given the musical treatment. Back in 1989, Aiden Bell and Brian Philips wrote Elite: The MusicalHave a listen to this.

Strangely it did not become a raging success (though it has special place in my heart).