New Pokémon Disguises Itself as Pikachu to be Loved

By Keza MacDonald on at

As reported by the trustworthy Pokémon obsessives at Serebii, two new Pokémon designs have been revealed in Japanese magazine CoroCoro this week. One of them appears to be wearing an adorably rubbish Pikachu costume.

The Pokémon on the right - named Mimikyuu - is one of the most ingenious new Pokémon I've seen in years. It's a Ghost/Fairy Pokémon who - as you can see - is always hiding beneath a cloth disguise. I like to think this is because it just wants to be loved.

The left-hand Pokémon, Kiteruguma, is a super-strong bear that enjoys hugs, but is tragically unaware of its own strength. Both new Pokémon will feature in Sun and Moon, out in November.