People Can Now Watch Other People Eat Things on Twitch

By Keza MacDonald on at

In the latest internet streaming trend that I don't quite understand, Twitch has added a new category for broadcasters: Social Eating.

This is to officially legitimise a new trend that was popularised in South Korea, says Polygon: muk-bang, or... streaming yourself eating food. So far the trends appear to be people eating LOTS of food, mostly junk-food like pizza, cake and ramen, rather than people cooking. (See, watching people cooking makes sense to me. Watching people just eat a bunch of takeout, not so much.)

At the time of writing, there is someone just eating a sandwich for lunch, someone eating chilli, someone eating sushi, and a lady eating large amounts of chips. The header image is from NaniHeichou, who is streaming herself eating fruit salad.

Are you into watching other people eat over the internet? If so: what's the appeal?