The World As We Know it Has Changed, But Let's Think About Video Games I Guess

By Keza MacDonald on at

This morning everybody in the UK woke up in a strange and horribly uncertain new future, following a referendum decision that will have significant ramifications upon the rest of our lives and those of our children. In other news, the new Monster Hunter is pretty good and I've been enjoying slaughtering pretend dragons to make hats for myself.

The people in the above picture are having just a great time not engaging with the reality that is all around them and, eg, worrying about whether they should start moving the modest savings they have managed to acquire over the last 10 years of slowly-improving recession out of the UK in order to mitigate the effects of the plunging value of the pound. Instead they are losing themselves in a delightful virtual world created for their entertainment. Unfortunately PlayStation VR is not out until October.

You know what you could play right now, though? Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which is a totally fine video game with pretty colours and cool characters and nice movement. Maybe you could enjoy a multiplayer game of Stikbold, a whimsical multiplayer dodgeball game that came out recently, which involves sharks and whales and hot-dog vendors. Both of those are much better options than thinking about how the European project may have failed, and we may be embarking upon a period of estrangement from the rest of the continent that could last most of the rest of our lives.

Instead of letting the creeping sense of dread and unease that has been gnawing at the periphery of British consciousness for months take over, how about thinking about the new video games that are arriving in the next few months? Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming out soon, isn't it? It depicts a dystopian, divided future that is NOT actually on our doorstep.


Comic by kc green

You know what else is coming out pretty soon? No Man's Sky! Instead of thinking about the likely breakup of the United Kingdom as Scottish and Irish nationalist parties gear up for more independence referenda, think about how cool and fun it will be to fly around an infinite virtual universe in a colourful spaceship, discovering new planets and species and naming them all with naughty swears. That would be really British of us, and also keep out the bad thoughts about what being British actually means any more.

Don't let the dread set in. DON'T LET IT SET IN. Instead, look at gorgeous screenshots of Final Fantasy XV. Watch the Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer another 16 times. Maybe put on a bit of Wind Waker. Everything was okay in 2003, wasn't it. Maybe one day it will be okay again.

VIDEO GAMES. Good luck to all of us.