Ubisoft is Making an Extreme Winter Sports Game

By Keza MacDonald on at

Ubisoft announced an entirely original game at the close of its E3 press conference: Steep. It's a winter sports game themed around "memorable moments with your friends", on the beautiful high snowy mountains of the Alps.

The trailer showed what looked like base-jumping, backcountry snowboarding and skiing, wing suits and parachutes, all in a very convincing-looking open mountain scenario. During a gameplay demonstration, they flew over Mont Blanc, landed on an outcrop, then wing-suited down the mountain before getting the skis out in first-person. You can zoom out to a map-view of the mountains to see where you've been, rewind your sickening drops, and mess around with video playback. It looks a bit like a winter-sports-themed Just Cause 3.

As someone who's acquired a taste for skiing in recent years but is FAR too much of a coward to ever go anywhere near proper backcountry (or, indeed, a black diamond slope), I'd play the hell out of this.

It'll be out this December.