Your Guide to Enjoying E3 2016 From the UK

By Keza MacDonald on at

Update: If you want to watch the E3 press conferences with us, go right here!

In a lot of ways, it's actually more fun to follow E3 from here in the UK than it is to spend a week running, jetlagged, around the enormous LA Convention Centre, convinced that you're missing something at all times. The E3s of today are very different to the ones of my childhood, where I'd have to try to load blurry IGN videos on pre-ADSL internet, or (more likely) just wait patiently for the next issue of Edge or N64 magazine to appear through my letterbox and fill me in on what had gone down.

Anyway, nowadays you can watch most of the good bits of E3 from home and skip all the tedious running around between appointments, watching tired-looking developers recite their scripts in front of endless demo audiences. We'll be covering the show from the UK again this year, whilst our Kotaku US colleagues are out in LA. As ever, our aim is to give you the best reporting, curation and analysis of E3 during UK hours.

So: what's happening? Here's the lowdown.

When are the E3 press conferences?

The conferences take place on Sunday night and Monday night, UK time. Here's the schedule:

EA - Sunday, June 12th - 9pm BST
Bethesda - Monday, June 13th - 3am BST

Microsoft - Monday, June 13th - 5:30pm BST
PC Gaming Show - Monday, June 13th - 7.30pm BST
Ubisoft - Monday, June 13th - 9pm BST
Sony - Tuesday, June 14th - 2am BST

Nintendo - Tuesday, June 14th - 5pm BST

For a wee lowdown on what to expect from each, go here.

Where can I watch the E3 conferences?

Youtube and Twitch will once again be vying for E3 supremacy, hosting lavish live shows throughout the week with all the conferences and a bunch of developer demos. Gamespot and IGN will also have more live video coverage than you could possibly actually watch.

If you're staying up to watch along, we'll be hosting the relevant streams at the right times, along with our patented bingo cards.

Shit, actually, some of those are pretty late...

Yeah. Thankfully, you don't have to stay up until an ungodly hour to watch them, because we will be doing just that, and publishing our usual daily round-ups and analysis for you to read in the UK morning. We will mostly be powered by Red Bull and Haribo Tangfastics.

Has anything happened already?

There have been a few good leaks and rumours ahead of the show's official start this Sunday evening, among them a Skyrim remaster, some talk of Dead Rising 4, and the announcement of Watch Dogs 2. Here's a handy, up-to-date list of all the rumours and leaks so far.

Any predictions?

Oh, a few. I'm expecting new PS4 and Xbox One model announcements from both Sony and Microsoft, for one, and I'd put good money on that Skyrim remaster. But it's going to be a bit of a quiet year, I think. Lots of the games I was looking forward to the most from last year's E3 have still yet to come out. Obviously, though, there will be the usual bombast surrounding what new announcements there are – and there are a few more mysterious, lower-key games like Michel Ancel's WILD that I'd like to learn more about.

I may very well be proven wrong, of course – we might get another triple-whammy like last year's PlayStation conference, which made me believe I might be hallucinating at 3 in the morning when Shenmue 3 turned up.

Enjoy the show! We'll see you on Sunday evening for the first round of press conferences.