Farewell, VGN, One of The Best Video Game TV Shows

By Keza MacDonald on at

Over the weekend, the people behind Challenge TV's Video Game Nation – one of the UK's only dedicated video game TV show – shared the sad news that it had been cancelled.

Video Game Nation aired on Challenge TV on Saturday mornings, and ran for four seasons.

The news was shared on Facebook, where co-presenter Dan Maher wrote:

Challenge TV decided not to renew the show in order to focus exclusively on gameshow content. Contrary to what some have speculated, it was nothing to do with ratings, which remained consistently high for the channel and timeslot.

I've been on VGN a bunch of times myself. I really liked the show: there was a genuine and mature love of video games at its heart, and the presenters and producers all really knew what they were doing. It is still extremely hard to persuade anyone in the TV business that it's worth putting video games on the telly at all, so the loss of such a great show has hit fans hard.

Happily, some enterprising sorts have put the whole thing on YouTube. Check it out before it gets taken down. Here is a personal favourite episode: