A Short Film for Anyone Who Ever Played Games With an Older Sibling

By Keza MacDonald on at

I came across Player Two, a short animated film by Zachary Antell, about a week ago, but it's been sitting unplayed in an open browser tab ever since. I finally watched it this afternoon, and it's a poignant four minutes for anybody who grew up playing games with a sibling - whether you were older or younger.

It's especially resonant if you had an N64-era Nintendo childhood, like my brother and I did. I may have teared up just a little bit when they start up Ocarina of Time together. My poor brother was mostly relegated to watching for much of our childhood, but whenever there was anything we could play together, he was always player two. We conquered Diddy Kong Racing together, using the co-op cheat. In stark contrast to me, he doesn't really play games any more, but I hope he still cherishes the memories like the kid in this film.