Guess How Many of Our Most Anticipated 2015 Games Didn't Actually Come Out in 2015

By Keza MacDonald on at

This time last year, we did what is traditional: we made a list of our most anticipated games. Of the 15 games we named at the start of 2015, guess how many of them never materialised?

7 out of 15. That's almost HALF.

I picked out Bloodborne, Below, Monster Hunter 4, Zelda Wii U and Yakuza 5. Yakuza made it - just - by releasing on December 8th, and Bloodborne and Witcher weren't delayed (much) - but I'm still waiting on Zelda Wii U and Below, both of which are now slated for this year.

Former news editor Leon picked Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, The Division, The Order: 1886, Adrift, and Batman Arkham Knight. Neither The Division nor Adrift materialised in 2015.

And lastly, spiritual staff member Ian Dransfield has the worst record of us all: he was looking forward to No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4, The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid 5 and Persona 5. Persona, Uncharted AND No Man's Sky never happened.

Given that spectacular record, I'm rather worried about the prospects of all our most-anticipated 2016 games. Check back for that list tomorrow.