Turn the Skies Against You With GTA 5's 'Angry Planes' Mod – Update

By Julian Benson on at

Update - 14/05: There are reports that this mod–and other popular GTA V mods–may contain viruses.

Installing GTA 5's Angry Planes mod gives us a glimpse of what it would have been like if Michael Bay had directed the crop duster scene in North by Northwest.

GTA 5's pilots are normally docile creatures but with Angry Planes they're given a new, singular purpose: wiping you from the face of Los Santos by any means possible.

If they have weapons fitted to their planes, the pilots will try and shoot you. However, the crop dusters and jumbo jets of GTA's skies' only option is to attempt a kamikaze dive in your general direction:

You can download Angry Planes over here.