Battlefield Hardline's Servers Aren't Playing Nicely

By Leon Hurley on at

You know that thing Battlefield Hardline had to get right no matter what? There are problems with both the PS4 and Xbox servers having outages, and Visceral are "aware of ongoing connectivity issues".

Yesterday there was a DDoS attack on the Xbox side of the game (here's a little more info on what that means in case you're not sure). Now it seems people are finding servers either appear down on the console versions, or are constantly losing connection - both on the PS4 and Xbox One seem to be suffering.

EA/Visceral has acknowledged the problem via twitter:

They also stated that "top men are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible" on Reddit.

I'm playing on PC and currently seeing servers that are strangely empty but otherwise with working games. I've asked EA for more info so I'll update when/if I hear back.

You can read what I thought of Battlefield Hardline so far here. The single player's fun, even if it rapidly turns from cop show to ridiculous action movie, and struggles to make Battlefield's action template fit over a police theme . I'm holding off a full review until there's a better idea of how the multiplayer performs. While it's great fun and potentially worth the price of admission, it's got to work first.