FIFA Ultimate Team Sets Price Ranges

By Leon Hurley on at

FIFA Ultimate Team has introduced a new high/low pricing limits for all items in an attempt to restrict "illegitimate coin transfers".

The new changes were introduced to the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market early this morning:

EA also made the following statement on to explain the new feature:

Once this feature has been activated, all FUT items (players, in-forms, consumables, and club items) in FIFA Ultimate Team will have a Price Range that sets the highest and lowest Coin prices that each item can be sold on the Transfer Market. 

These new features are designed to:

  • Help FUT gamers understand the value of the players in their Club.
  • Make high-rated players more attainable for all FUT gamers and ensure a level playing field.
  • Further restrict illegitimate coin transfers on the Transfer Market.

FIFA Ultimate Team's in-game currency is called Coin, and Coin-selling websites can farm items and currency before selling them on to players for actual money. The process in the past relied on the ability to sell low value items at highly inflated prices, something the new Price Ranges aims to curb. However, many players also buy and sell legitimately in auctions, with prices fluctuating wildly.

The new Prices Ranges will be universal across Xbox, PlayStation and PC, and based on analysis of past Transfer Market prices according to EA.

Reaction has been mixed with some players approving of new level playing field and other unhappy at potentially lost Coins or more restricted trading.

Over on the EA forums things seems a little more positive. While some fans are annoyed about potentially losing Coins after high price purchases in the past, there's a sense that this might work long term:  says, "A decent concept, as long as it's implemented correctly. Only time will tell if this works properly", while  adds, "This doesn't benefit many this year. However FIFA 16 it's going to be great."

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