Here's a Few Minutes of New The Witcher 3 Footage

By Leon Hurley on at

GDC has yielded a little more footage of The Witcher 3, curiously courtesy of a demo of Nvidia's Grid streaming service.

"It's not even on the highest setting" says one of the presenters. It's hard to tell just how detailed or high quality it actually is from this recorded stream but there's a fair bit of foliage being pushed around easily. The world just has a nice atmosphere  overall as well, whatever setting this is on. (Which is encouraging considering my barely six-month old, fairly decent PC is leans more towards the 'minimum' PC specs.)

It also shows of some more of the combat, including a new time-slowing trap and the ability to deflect arrows like a Jedi.

[Witcher 3 gameplay at GDC - Reddit]