Early The Division Pre-Alpha Footage Leaks

By Leon Hurley on at

The key words here are pre-alpha however, with Ubi quick to comment and say it's part of a server test build and "not representative of the game's current quality."

I know some will be quick to jump on the whole Ubi visual downgrade thing, but games don't appear into the world as fully formed things of beauty. There's no way of telling how early this build is: the environment is an inert and empty walled-off section of the game world rather than a playable area. Plus the potato quality of the video means it's impossible to make any sort of call on the quality.

There was the discovery of a hidden alpha section in the game's website recently and rumours that a closed alpha was under way. So there's every chance a public version is incoming, but that doesn't mean this has any relation to that. There's also no firm release date yet beyond 2015.

This is the full statement from Ubisoft  as relayed by Eurogamer:

"These low resolution images and video originate from a pre-alpha test currently organised by the development team to evaluate the server infrastructure in a real world setting. A large portion of the game features have been removed in this build and therefore is not representative of the game's current quality. The team is focusing on providing the best experience for players, and we can't wait to show you more."

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