Who's Making Stuff For SteamVR?

By Leon Hurley on at

SteamVR projects for Valve and HTCs Vive headset include a game about boring jobs and something from HBO.

The first actual confirmed game is Job Simulator: The 2015 Archiveswhich looks like a bit of a Surgeon Simulator compilation thing: the idea being that in the future everything's done by robots, leaving humanity to experience the wonder of dull manual labour via simulation.

That'll actually be playable on the new hardware at Valve's GDC booth from the 4th onwards. Other developers include Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread), Skillman & Hackett (a rapid prototyping VR design studio), Steel Wool Games (iOS dev), Cloudhead Games (VR game The Gallery: The Six Elements, Dovetail Games (Train Simulator) and Vertigo Games. At the risk of offending, well everyone one this list, I'd assume any big studios working on stuff will be keeping it under wraps for the time being.

One studio that excites me is The Room dev Fireproof Games. Given the Vive's focus on being able to move around within a space rather than remain seated, The Room's 'examining a large box' idea would be ideal. The set up features a motion-tracking base station that can position the player in a 15 foot square space. So imagine clearing all the furniture out of the way and walking around a VR puzzle box in the middle of the room.

Valve and HTC has also hinted that the ability to move around the environment will be used to do more than just play games, with mention of activities like "attending real-time concerts, learning history, reliving memories". China's National Palace Museum has been mentioned as a partner for example. As has Google (let's just think about a full Google Maps VR mode for a second). WEVR is also bringing it's ocean exploring Samsung GearVR project TheBlu to Vive as TheBlu: Encounter. 

And, finally, moving away from education (potentially) HBO and Liongate are working on things. HBO's already done a Game of Thrones thing – the Ascend the Wall project that puts you in the lift going up, well, the wall. Lionsgate, on the other hand, has already produced a promotional Insurgents film for the Samsumg Gear VR.