That's One Creepy Looking Video Game

By Leon Hurley on at

Hunger looks like a mix of early Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Tim Burton and Coraline. All things I like so, so far, I approve of this.

It's being developed by Tarsier, better known as Media Molecule's go-to outsourcing studio for LBP DLC. They've got previous, though, with kooky games, having teased The City Of Metronome back in 2005. That never got released in the end but has a similar atmosphere to this.

Hunger is described as "adventure-suspense" game and follows "a girl named Six and her attempts to escape the strange world of The Maw". Here's what that looks like in action:

And, just for comparison, here's the 2013 E3 trailer for The City of Metronome:

It's a completely different looking game and story but that weird city/dark children's story atmosphere is still there, clearly somebody loves that stuff. While Metronome never came to be ("Lady Publisher is a fickle mistress," according to to the studio), Hunger's living it up with €200,000 (around £150K) in development support from the Nordic Game and Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

There's no word yet on date or platform but, given the studio's history, PlayStation looks like a strong bet.