Capcom Explains What's Happening with Resident Evil Revelations 2's PC Co-Op

By Leon Hurley on at

Reception to Revelations 2 is mixed (I'm enjoying it, Patrick not so much). Also uncertain is the PC version's co-op, which is advertised as a feature on its Steam page but appears to be non-existent. Now Capcom has clarified what's going on.

The game's Steam page clearly states the following:

Assistive co-op play – Players will need to switch between the two characters (Claire/Moira, Barry/Natalia) to overcome the nightmares in either single player mode with an AI partner or offline co-op.

But then adds this at the bottom:

1. Raid Mode online co-op functionality to be added at a later date.
2. The PC version does not support offline co-op play in the Campaign or Raid Mode.

Capcom has now issued a statement on the issue:

"The PC version of Resident Evil Revelations 2 supports a variety of customisable visual settings and resolutions. The decision to prioritise a single local screen was made to ensure a stable user experience across a variety of different PC settings and devices. Raid mode will support online co-op shortly after launch when a free patch is available for players to download which adds this feature, but the main campaign on PC will only be available to play in single local screen."

So: no campaign co-op for the PC version, online or offline. But there will be Raid mode online co-op.

Prior to the clarification a few gamers had taken offence to the omission, mainly because of the way it's both an advertised bullet point and a feature missing from the game. A few users are unhappy about the confusing messaging:

 "There is no offline/online co-op. This is a lie. I want my money back." Killias Killiam Killington Esq.

" Claimed to have co-op in the description and doesn't." Teapot and Friends ]

There's also a 13 page Steam forum topic called "The PC Co-op scandal (read before purchasing)" discussing the issue with even more confusion as to whether it's cut, delayed, never happening, affects online or split screen and so on ( suggesting a few people haven't actually got the game but do like a good discussion). There's also a post on Capcom's own forum called "Why False Advertising for Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PC?" that went up just before the game came out, asking about it, that seems to have been locked.

As this NeoGAF post points out, the port isn't completely exacting, offering up this screenshot from the PC version: