Contemplate the Meaning of Life and Hot Things With Sunshine in VR

By Leon Hurley on at

I liked Danny Boyle's Sunshine, even if it did go a bit wrong at the end. So the chance to sit in its famous observation deck via VR has my interest.

Obviously, I'd be playing John Murphy's Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor) on a loop at deafening volumes the whole time and it almost certainly wouldn't get weird after the first hour.

Here's how the VR version of the observation deck shapes up in Oculus Rift:

Created by Julian Butler, he descibes it as "one of the more calm Oculus Rift experiences where you can spend some time relaxing and looking around."

You can check his blog for more on how he created the scene and its star, the sun, which involved "dressing [it] in flares and magnetic flux elements."



And, because I can, I'm going to tell you to watch this incredible scene from the film with that amazing music. It contains spoilers if you've not seen yet although you've had eight years.

[Sunshine Observation Deck - Ocular VR  / Julian Butler]


[Look directly at the 'Sunshine' with Oculus VR - Engadget]