At Least the New Thief Movie is Based on the Original Games

By Leon Hurley on at

So there's a Thief movie now. The good news? It's based on the Looking Glass games. Bad news? The people behind the Hitman film are on the case.

Tracking Board announced the project. It'll be a collaboration between Vertigo (The Lego Movie) and Prime Universe (Hitman) with Adrian Askarieh and Roy Lee producing. It's worth noting that Askarieh also has the Hitman reboot, Agent 47, Just Cause and Deus Ex projects on the go, so he is hot for video game adaptations.

The encouraging news is that the press release only mentions the original series, focusing on that world and its factions factions while apparently pretending the so-so reboot never happened :

The “Thief” games follow the sarcastic antihero Garrett, a trained, well, thief. Garrett lives in the unnamed, medieval/steampunk City, which is controlled by three competing factions: the chaotic Pagans; the order-obsessed Hammerites; and the Keepers, who try to maintain the balance. Orphaned and taken in by the Keepers at a young age, Garrett later strikes out on his own as an unallied thief. The first game in the series, “Thief: The Dark Project,” details Garrett’s attempts to procure a mystical gem called The Eye for a mysterious Pagan collector.