FIFA 15's Most Wanted - Indoor Football? Women's Leagues? Oculus?

By Ian Dransfield on at

We asked Sebastian Enrique, lead producer on FIFA 15 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, about a bunch of commonly asked-for features in FIFA - and if they would be in the 2014 release. We also asked him, rather than giving us a full spiel, to simply rate our suggestions on a scale of one to ten. One being 'never going to happen', ten being 'it's already in there, why haven't you done the most basic research?'

His answers amused.

Women’s football: 1

Cheating/dirty play: 1 ('minus 5', according to the nearby PR representative)

Indoor football: 1

Chumbawumba: 5 (though admittedly this was prefaced with Enrique saying "I have no clue what that is," so don't get your hopes up, Bradford-based readers)

Scenarios: 10 ("they’re in the game," he said, "I should have done some research," I said)

Oculus FIFA: (Picture a very long sigh...) 3

To clarify: this was Enrique saying he didn't know what the future held for FIFA in relation to peripherals it would use, so he wouldn't be comfortable out-and-out saying 'no' to the possibility. In his words, so there's no misunderstanding:

"Now I can imagine your headline: ‘FIFA might use Oculus’ [laughs].

"I can’t tell what extra peripherals like those we’re going to end up using... I shouldn’t tell at this point. We’re going to know at Gamescom all the different stuff."

So, fans, take that as you will.