Lumo is a Cute New Puzzler From Crackdown 2 Dev & Ruffian Founder

By Leon Hurley on at

Gareth Noyce is one of the original founders of Crackdown 2 dev Ruffian Games. He's now gone solo with isometric adventure Lumo, "a love letter to the games I enjoyed as a kid", mentioning Solstice, Head over Heels, Monster Max and Knightlore as influences.

"The player takes the part of a small child who's visiting a museum for old computer games with their parent and inadvertently triggers an 8bit teleporter," explains Gareth. "This leaves them in the bowels of the museum, from which they must escape". He describes the retro flavoured gameplay as "new-school dungeon exploration, part old-school platforming with room-based puzzles. There's plenty of platforming action, some physics based puzzles, lots of exploration, and even the odd shoot-em-up section".

It's still early days for Lumo which is only 4 months into development but it's already in the top 30 for Steam Greenlight