This is How it Ends: Scientists Teaching Robots to Play StarCraft

By Leon Hurley on at

Somewhere in Washington State University crazy people are teaching robots to play StarCraft. And worse they're teaching them to teach each other. It's like they never watched any of the Terminator films, Short Circuit or Small Soldiers.

Apparently Matthew Taylor, a big wheel in the field of AI, has "developed a method to allow a computer to give advice and teach skills to another computer in a way that mimics how a real teacher and student might interact". To do this he's using StarCraft and Pac-Man and 'virtual robots' teamed in pairs - one a teacher, the other a student. Over time the student is able to learn the games and, ultimately, overtake the teacher.

According to the report enabling robots to teach each other is an important area of robotics as it will allow out-of-date models to pass on information to their replacements. Along with resentment and detailed notes on human anatomy.

The researchers have been focusing on the teacher-bots and when they should advise action - too much interference and the student-bot can't learn or progress. Too little and our children will never feel the cold metal foot of tomorrow's metal overlords. According to Taylor the team's, "designed algorithms for advice giving, and we are trying to figure out when our advice makes the biggest difference.'' Part of his research is also due to adapt dog training methods to robo-education.

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