Let's Watch The Walking Dead's Carl Play League of Legends

By Mike Fahey on at

Having spent four seasons watching the once bright-eyed son of Rick Grimes harden under the weight of the zombie apocalypse, seeing actor Chandler Riggs clicking away on a mouse in the lower right corner of a League of Legends stream on Twitch is just surreal.

Reader Chase pointed us to the Twitch channel for Chandler "ChairHandler" Riggs, where earlier this evening the actor and a group of friends broadcast live. The stream attracted upwards of 20,000 viewers, which is about as many as my weekly Saturday Twitch streams get, give or take 19,950.

Hit up ChairHandler's channel to watch some of the archived footage.

Enjoy League of Legends while you can, Carl. It's going to get much tougher when <Spoiler Alert!> you lose that eye.